Flagship Programs


Professional Development

Recognizing that women face unique barriers to professional success, EmpowHer launched Women in the Workplace. The workshop focuses on challenges women & young girls face in the workplace and share ideas on how to best support career development.

Women in the Workplace has proven an invaluable channel to hear directly from and exchange ideas with women at all levels, as well as industry leaders and members of the communities in which we live and work.


I am Empowered (financial literacy/credit repair)

I am Empowered has developed a financial literacy education project aimed at assisting low-literate women with money management skills. The goal is to help women gain the confidence and knowledge they need to create personal or household budgets and actively participate in managing their families’ finances.

1. Money Management
2. Credit Management


EmpowHer Freshstart

Having a criminal record can keep a person from getting a job, even prevent them from getting housing. But the new Fresh Start Initiative is to help those who qualify get criminal convictions removed from their records.

Additional Programs

EmpowHer Mentors

Mentors make the difference. EmpowHer mentors are driven by committed and enthusiastic participation of volunteer mentors.Our aim is to equip young women to recognize their worth and limitless potential.

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STEM EmpowHERment

To provide youth with educational experiences and exposure activities, empowering them to achieve success beyond their current understanding of what is possible.  

Employer Site Tours

Site visits offer a unique opportunity to tour of an employer offices with a small group of peers and gain insider knowledge about the industry directly from the professionals within the organization.