About us

About Us

EmpowHer Enterprises Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, that has been committed to enriching girls through leadership, education, networking and positive identity development since 2016. EmpowHer builds the self-esteem and self-worth of young women by changing their outlook on life, broadening their horizons and providing tools for self-empowerment and efficacy. 

Helping to boost confidence in young girls creates a domino affect, that empowers girls to take on an active role in their classrooms, among their peers, and in turn, in their communities.   

EmpowHer teaches young women to overcome the fears that limit them in order to access the confidence that they need to create a impact that will reverberate through their communities and beyond.  

EmpowHer focuses on preparing young women to be effective leaders globally. Focusing on education, and offering support that will garner confidence and academic excellence

Our Mission & Vision

EmpowHer's mission is to equip women and youth with the necessary skills and resources needed to be strong in today's marketplace. Our aim is to empower them with the skills and confidence necessary to get a job, create a healthy lifestyle and be productive members of the community.   

We ENVISION women’s leadership advancing a future where:   

Women are valued for their full human potential, live in safety, equality and freedom, and can express themselves and contribute meaningfully in all spheres of life

Our Purpose

EmpowHer Enterprises Inc  aspires to: 

Promote women’s leadership by convening, inspiring, and training women to lead from their own authentic voice, values, and vision. 

Create a power and leadership paradigm shift, from “power over” to “power with” others. 

Advance an integrated approach to personal growth and leadership by developing both inner strength and skills for action in the world. 

Support women and girls to recognize and increase their strength; develop their leadership skills; and validate their emotional intelligence and compassion. 

Our Partners